Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal imaging inspection, also known as thermography, is a technique that uses infrared technology to detect and measure thermal energy emitted from an object or a surface. This type of inspection can be used to identify temperature variations that may indicate problems or issues with equipment, machinery, or structures.

Thermal imaging inspection is often used in industrial applications to detect defects in electrical systems, detect heat loss in buildings, and identify potential issues in mechanical equipment. It can also be used in medical applications to detect and diagnose health problems such as breast cancer.

During a thermal imaging inspection, a special camera called a thermal imaging camera is used to capture images of an object or surface. These images show the temperature distribution across the surface, with warmer areas appearing as bright spots and cooler areas appearing as dark spots.

When conducting a home inspection, thermal imaging can assist in spotting irregularities like:

Intrusion of water ;

Energy loss and the intrusion of cold air;

Excessive material moisture;

Insufficient or unequal insulation;

Electrical connections, wire drops, panels, breakers, and switches;

Location and insulation of the heating and cooling ducts;

Place of the pipe;

Insect invasion;

Chimney leaks, which might cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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