11-Month Warranty Inspection

An 11-month warranty inspection is a process where a homeowner or a builder inspects a newly constructed home before the builder’s warranty period ends, typically after 11 months. The purpose of this inspection is to identify any defects or issues that have arisen during the first year of homeownership and to ensure that they are repaired under the builder’s warranty.

During the inspection, a professional inspector will examine the home’s structure, systems, and components to identify any issues that require repair or replacement. This can include items such as plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC systems, roof, walls, and flooring. The inspector will also check for any cosmetic or aesthetic issues that may have arisen over the past year.

Once the inspection is complete, the homeowner or builder will receive a report detailing the findings. If any issues are identified, the builder is typically required to repair or replace them under the warranty. This inspection provides peace of mind to the homeowner and helps to ensure that any issues are addressed before the warranty period ends.

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