Moisture Inspection

A major issue that can result in structural damage, mold growth, and other problems that could affect the residents’ safety and comfort of a structure is moisture intrusion.

For identifying and measuring the quantity of moisture in construction materials, moisture meters are a crucial instrument. To find moisture that may be hidden from view, infrared cameras can also be utilized in conjunction with moisture meters. Moisture meters can be used by inspectors to monitor the regions around plumbing pipes, air conditioners, bathroom toilets and showers, as well as wooden parts that are close to or in contact with the ground.

It’s crucial to remember that moisture issues can occur for a number of reasons, such as plumbing leaks, broken appliances, and inadequate ventilation. A certified inspector is using a moisture meter to determine the cause of water and moisture issues in a home. To stop further damage and the growth of mold, it’s critical to address the issue right away once the moisture source has been located.

In conclusion, moisture ingress is a significant problem that shouldn’t be disregarded. Regular moisture meter checks can help to detect potential moisture issues and enable prompt repairs, assisting in averting future costly damage and health issues.

Don’t skip this important step – schedule a moisture inspection today to ensure that you’re a well-informed and that your home is safe and functional. Contact us now to schedule your inspection!

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